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Buy Hello Mello this National Splurge Day

  • 2 min read

Hello Mello lounge wear is always great purchase anyway, but treating yourself to some pieces for National Splurge Day? That sounds like even more fun!

Hello Mello Lounge Wear a Splurge Without Guilt

Hello Mello fans can (and will!) tell you that they adore their Hello Mello lounge wear and it is their default relaxation choice. While we can neither confirm

Hello Mellow Dream T Shirt Short Sleeve Pink

nor deny, it is possible a large group of us wore almost nothing else during quarantine last year. So while we are 100% encouraging you to treat yourself to some Hello Mello in honor of National Splurge Day on June 18th, you can feel extra good knowing this splurge is multi-functional and actually VERY affordable. (Can you call it a splurge if it does not cost and arm and a leg? Asking for a friend.) With your new, comfy Hello Mello items in hand (whether it is your first purchase or your ninety first purchase) you will look great and be ready to tackle all manner of new, relaxing activities.


Hello Mello at Home and Beyond!

While most lounging is done in our own homes, there are occasions where

Hello Mellow Pajama Pants Blue Print Desert Dreams

taking a little bit extra “comfy” out into the world with you can make a big difference! Take Dream Tees, for example: equally comfortable and adorable with pjs or jeans. The Carefree Threads collection practically begs to be shown off and is ideal for situations like air travel where comfort is a must, but fashion is also a consideration. Summer is vacation season and waking up to cute pajamas (like Desert Dreams) while staying somewhere amazing is only going to lift your spirits even higher! The moral of the story is that no matter the occasion, season, or reason Hello Mello lounge wear is always a perfect (affordable) splurge!


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