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Check in on Your Resolutions with Hello Mello

  • 2 min read

Hello Mello wants to help everyone be comfortable, both in their clothing and with themselves. So instead of Ditch Your Resolution Day tomorrow, we propose a Resolution Check-In Day today! Read on to learn more.

Resolution Check-In with Hello Mello

The Hello Mello lounge wear brand, being comprised of a team of actual human

Hello Mellow Shorts and Tees Sets

beings, is acutely aware of how setting New Year’s Resolutions ANY year is tough, but this year more than ever. So instead of putting pressure on you either way (you surely do not need any more pressure, and we definitely do not have any extra energy to exert) we are simply inviting you to don your favorite Hello Mello lounge wear and reflect on your goals, resolutions, wish lists, horoscopes, or whatever suits you best. Are they serving you? Are they overly ambitious? Is it something you really want, or something society told you to want? Is this goal causing you to have negative feelings? Does this goal get you excited? Do you vibe with it? Instead of pushing for or against your resolutions, maybe today (roughly two weeks into the new year) is simply the right time for a check-in.

Resolve to be Comfortable with Hello Mello

Do you want an easy win to add to your list? Because here is a slam dunk for sure: resolve to wear more comfortable clothing whenever possible! Life is

Hello Mellow Strawberry Mimosa Cabana Stripe Shorts

rough, your clothes should not be. Wearing Hello Mello lounge wear on days off, working from home, as pajamas, or any other occasion is a fine idea! Want to know something that makes this even better? The Hello Mello line up has a ton of amazing new things coming in the early part of 2021, so you get to continue being comfy in even more ways. That is a win we can all take.

If your Hello Mello wardrobe is a touch sparse, order today! Otherwise, keep your eyes peeled for exciting new releases coming soon!