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Give Your Grad the Gift They Really Want - Relaxation in Hello Mello Lounge Wear!

May 20, 2017

Graduate who would appreciate Hello Mello Lounge Wear

Hello Mello lounge wear are about to become your four favorite words this graduation season. Too good to be true? Read on.

Why Hello Mello is About to Revolutionize Grad Gifting

I am just sure there is a special someone in your life (or, realistically, extended family) who is graduating this season. So instead of shelling out big time for electronics or going the generic gift card route, why not give that grad what they really, truly deserve? Let them relax in Hello Mello loungewear and enjoy some good, old-fashioned time off. You can be sure no one else in their gift-giving circle will have thought of such a fun yet practical gift.

These scholarly students have been busting their hump, many for years, to reach this pinnacle of recognition. For many of woman in hello mello loungewearthose I am sure the burning sting of finals has not yet fully subsided. Gift them a friendly reminder to treat themselves to relaxation. These Hello Mello pajama pants and shorts are insanely soft, uber stretchy, and beautifully patterned. Happening across someone kicked back in a pair instantly gives off the, “Can this wait? I am enjoying some hard-earned me time,” vibe. Just look at these Quite Riot Lounge Pants and you will surely agree!

But Wait! Hello Mello Gets Even Better!

Bonus? Each pair comes in a matching bag, cinched at the top with ribbon. So say see-you-later to gift wrapping and hand these beauties out just as is.  Awesome gift for the grad? Check. Easy on you? Check.  Heck, you should probably just lead by example and order your own pair as well. Nothing like that personal recommendation to validate the serious levels of awesomeness they have just received. (Plus, with all these graduations to attend you could use a little downtime, too!) Grab Hello Mello for all your graduating gals this year and get ready for the thank-yous to come rolling in.

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