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Grab Your Hello Mello this Relaxation Day

  • 2 min read

Hello Mello lounge wear is thrilled to tell you that today, August 15th, is National Relaxation Day! Take a load off and tell anyone who insists otherwise that you are celebrating a holiday.

Enjoy Relaxation Day in Hello Mello Pajamas

While it certainly seems too on-the-nose to be genuine, today really is National Relaxation Hello Mellow Sleep Shirt in BlackDay and this is a holiday that Hello Mello lounge wear can certainly get behind! The stress so far this year has been off the charts, so taking even a day to try and center yourself through relaxation seems very appropriate. It could, perhaps, be argued that there should be a much more frequent recurrence of relaxation day, but fighting is not relaxing so we will have to table that issues for another time. Regardless of how relaxation looks to you, nearly everyone can agree that it begins with comfortable clothes. Heels, hosiery, zipped-snug-skirts, and stiff fabrics get their fair share of attention; National Relaxation Day is a time for softness and stretch. Lucky for you Hello Mello has comfy down pat so no matter which pieces you choose to relax in you are sure to feel good.

Picking a Hello Mello Favorite is Impossible

There are so many different tastes, styles, and body types that there is no magical right-for-everyone lounge wear, and that is ok! And if you Hello Mellow Weekender Navy Teehappen to discover multiple favorites along the way? Even better. Let everyone know what is on your mind with any of Hello Mello Sleep Shirts, they are each clever and cute. Prefer to keep the colors low key? Check out the Weekender Collection for on-point neutrals. Is there no such thing as too many layers? Carefree Threads will be right up your alley, then! Whichever you choose will be perfect, because you know YOU best. Treat yourself!

While our speeding shipping cannot get new Hello Mello items to you same-day (alas), if you place your order ASAP happiness will be in your mailbox very soon!