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Halloween at Home with Hello Mello

October 24, 2020

Halloween at Home with Hello Mello

Hello Mello lounge wear understands that Halloween is looking a bit different this year for everyone. That is why we have put together comfy, home-based Halloween suggestions for you! Read on to learn more!

Hello Mello Supports At-Home Halloween

Missing out on favorite seasonal activities can be a bummer. But you can lessen the

loss by substituting it with something new and fun, while (best of all) wearing your pajamas! Depending on the age of your target audience/executive directors/children, you could take different approaches. Older kids? Get loaded up on candy and junk food, have everyone in their comfiest lounge wear, and settle in for Halloween movie fest (scare level adjusted to personal preference, of course). Little kids? Put some candy behind every interior door in your house (bedrooms, closets, pantry, etc) and have them go door-to-door to collect it. Kids somewhere in the middle? Hide candy in leftover easter eggs and let them burn off steam hunting for their sweet rewards. Honestly, anything is as fun as you make your mind it will be. So get silly, go crazy, and make this a Halloween to remember!

Use Hello Mello as a Costume

You need a Halloween costume for your Zoom meeting/costume photo contest/own sanity? Lets look through your Hello Mello lounge wear

wardrobe and find something in a jiffy! First and foremost: wear your Hello Mello pjs, and layer on sleeping accessories like a robe, face mask, or blanket. Extra points for putting your hair in rollers! Then revel in your comfortable “Fresh Out of Bed” costume, while everyone else itches and sweats in their store-bought choices. A pair of cat ears added to an all-black Weekender ensemble is an easy choice, also!  With a touch of creativity, the Green Hello Mello Sleepshirt can be made into a quick bookworm costume. See? No need to buy something you will never wear again. Just grab your Hello Mello lounge wear!

No matter how you Halloween-at-Home this year, we hope you have a wonderful time doing it in your favorite Hello Mello pieces!

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