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Hello Mello and Bubble Wrap: A Stress Management Pair

  • 2 min read

Hello Mello lounge wear is all about helping people feel comfortable, which can go a long way for stress reduction. But have you thought of adding bubble wrap to the mix? Read on to learn more!

Hello Mello PJs and Bubble Wrap Help “Pop” Stress

While we may have already passed National Bubble Wrap Appreciation Day on January 25th, it still seems like a great time to try some new stress management techniques. This can get pretty complicated, so see if you can stay with us:

  1. Put on your favorite Hello Mello lounge wear pieces, like the new Under the Palms lounge pants.
  2. Get some bubble wrap.
  3. Pop all the bubbles in the bubble wrap as quickly, manically, calculatingly, or viciously as you see fit.
  4. Repeat as needed.

Did anyone get lost? No? Excellent! So your online shopping and comfy-clothes wearing proficiencies can align to give you at least a small dose of stress relief. Happy popping!

Hello Mello Classic Pants in 6 New Colors

Is it time to treat yourself to some new Hello Mello items? The Dreamscape

Dessert Dreams Lounge Pants Hello Mellow

collection has just arrived in lounge pants (shorts soon to follow!) with six amazing new patterns to try. Go for bold-not-boring neutrals with As You Wish, Cat Nap, or Desert Dreams! Get whimsical with pastels on Head in the Clouds! Feed your dark academia aesthetic with Midnight Mirage, or take a staycation with Under the Palms. No matter which you choose the famous Hello Mello softness and stretch will be just the same.

Whatever way you choose to relieve some stress, let Hello Mello lounge wear be a part of the occasion. Order today!