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Hello Mello Celebrates the Start of Summer

June 20, 2020

Hello Mello Lounge Wear is Perfect for Summer!

Summer has arrived, according to the calendar! Depending on the region you live in it might have been there since April or could still be MIA. But let us have a Summer Vibe check-in, shall we?

Hello Mello Debuts a Summer Vibes 2020 Pop Quiz

With today – June 20th – being the Summer Solstice, we can all officially welcome Summer with open arms! From inside, of course, where the AC is most certainly blasting. Listen: Summer is great! But with how this year has been going we would not blame you if:

  1. You were unaware it was even June
  2. You are upset because most favorite parts of Summer have been cancelled
  3. It is irrelevant because sunburns do not care what time of year it is
  4. All of the above

Hello Mello gets it, really.

Realistic Summer 2020 Goals (That You Can Achieve Without Changing Out of Your Hello Mello Lounge Wear)

So let us work together to shoot for attainable Summer fun, shall we? Having a new Daydream Pajama Pants from Hello Mellow Lounge Wearpattern of Hello Mello pajama pants or shorts for each day of the week? That is like labeled underwear, but way more interesting AND less awkward to talk about! Are you living with someone who may or may not be a yeti, and has the AC turned to unbearably cold temps? Layer up with adorable Flyway Cardigans while you plot a way to lock them out of the thermostat! Leggings have been voted the Official Pants of 2020? Better stock up from the Lounge Luxe collection so you stay on-trend!

We are in this thing together, and Hello Mello wants to remind you: You Got This!!! Stay comfy, stay sane, do not make regrettable decisions. Order you Hello Mello lounge wear today!

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