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Hello Mello e Gift Cards Offer Stress Free Gifting

  • 2 min read

Hello Mello lounge wear understands that holiday stress in any year is nearly unbearable. Holiday stress in 2020? We do not have time to unpack that right now. Good thing e gift cards are available to streamline gift giving!

Hello Mello e Gift Cards are Instant and Amazing

The shipping struggle has been real this year, a fact you are well aware of. Even promptly shipped, accurately addressed packages have been taking odd

detours through random states (at least someone is getting a vacation this year, I guess?) and arriving at their leisure. While shipping directly from the online store to your gift recipient can cut out at least one leg of the shipping journey, that can still leave the delivery date up to chance. So skip all those shenanigans and opt to send e gift cards from Hello Mello to your gift list this year! Available in denominations of $25, these perfect gift choices are instantly delivered via email. No weather delays there.

Hello Mello Lounge Wear is for Everyone

With a variety sizes and styles, a Hello Mello lounge wear e gift card is the right choice for everyone in your life who likes to be comfortable. Even if you do not

know exactly what they want, you know who does? They do! So let them pick their favorite Hello Mello lounge wear pieces, which will be delivered straight to their address via USPS. Have an aunt who has been rocking the almost-all-black wardrobe for as long as you can remember? The Weekender Collection should be right up her alley. That cousin who is perpetually freezing? Let her layer up with Carefree Threads! So many choices, so little time.

Whoever your gift recipients are, Hello Mello e gift cards are the answer. Order today! Or not. Because they are delivered instantly.