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Hello Mello Lounge Wear Brings the “Comfy” in Unsettling Times

  • 2 min read

Wearing Hello Mello lounge wear is admittedly not going to solve a current crisis, but it is a step towards preserving your mental health. Read on to learn more!

Embrace the Lounge Wear, Be the Lounge Wear

Hello Mello lounge wear is all about feeling good; softness, stretchiness, and wearability are the hallmarks of the brand. So when everything is making you feel the OPPOSITE of good, maybe the scales can be balanced a bit by falling back on Hello Mellow Sleep Shirtyour favorite comfy clothes? Odds are you are already home anyway, so professional work attire is currently benched. Have you considered that you can, and most definitely should, be currently rocking a wardrobe of “day time pajamas” and “night time pajamas” where shoes are strictly optional? The time for comfort items is now! Is wearing lounge wear 24/7 going to solve any problems? Unlikely, that is true. But no great story of inner peace ever started with “So there I was, wearing my starched, uncomfortable pencil skirt…” The choice is yours.

Free Hello Mello Tank Top with Purchase

Just in case you needed another reason to hop on the comfy clothes express, here is one: any order over $65 will receive a free Hello Mello Tank! Just Hello Mello Tank Topadd your favorite combo of loungewear items (like the new must-have Sleep Shirts) and your tank top to your cart then use code FREETANK at checkout! We understand that your loungewear wardrobe might not be the most fully filled out area of your closet, so let us help you make it at least another day between laundry loads. While we are all trying to work out our individual combinations of deep breathing, tea drinking, binge eating, and anger management, we can be united in the knowledge that we are all striving comfortably in our favorite Hello Mello lounge wear items. Hang in there, warrior.

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