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Hello Mello Sleep Shirts with Shorts are a Big Win!

  • 2 min read

Comfort is personal, but with this seemingly unending summer Hello Mello wants to help you get creative in your options for staying both comfy AND cool. Enter: the epic duo of Sleep Shirt and Shorts! Read on to learn more.

Comfy and Cute Can Coexist

Hello Mello lounge wear understands that everyone relaxes differently. While some Hello Mellow Sleepshirt Pink Coffeefolks can never have enough layers and others prefer being in the buff, most people fall somewhere in between.  Mix and match pajamas, then, are the perfect solution for everyone to get exactly the fit they prefer! While there are a boatload of combinations to be found in each collection, an under-utilized combo we thought you should know about is Hello Mello Sleep Shirts worn with Shorts. Both pieces are super soft, ultra-stretchy, and packed with personality so putting them together is an instant hit. This power couple of pajamas leaves you comfortable enough to sleep but also dressed enough that you will not be sent into a panic when the doorbell announces your third online order delivery of the day (no judgment, we are doing the same thing).

Hello Mello Presents: Pairs with Personality

While there is no wrong way to mix and match, we thought we would start you off with a few Hello Mello lounge wear combo suggestions to get the Hello Mellow Pajama Shorts Soft Stretchyball rolling. Is coffee basically your blood type? Consider the Pink Sleep Shirt and Cafeology Shorts an ode to your soul! If color is best for you in small doses, consider pairing the Black Sleep Shirt with the Staycation Shorts- neutrals, mixed effectively. Are you zipping through books like they are going out of style? Let the Green Sleep Shirt and Pillow Fight Shorts be your uniform for your war of words. No matter which set works best in your opinion, the one thing that will not be up for debate is how cute and comfy you feel!

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