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Hello Mello Staycation: Unintentional Theme of 2020

  • 2 min read

Hello Mello has had unique and quirky names for their bold leisure wear patterns since the beginning, but even we have to admit: it turns out the Staycation style is especially on-the-nose for 2020. So lets make the most of it! Read on to learn more!

Staycation, All I Ever Wanted

Ok, so those might not be the exact lyrics of the popular 80’s pop song but everyoneHello Mellow Staycation Lounge Shorts is doing the best with what they have right now. So if you are going to treat your self to some socially-distanced leisure time, why not include the Hello Mello lounge wear that is literally named Staycation?!? Available in both pants and shorts, the dark tropics vibe of this interesting pattern is perfectly broken up with stark white blooms. It seems plausible, even, to draw a parallel between these delicate white flowers among the black background and finding small joys even in the darkest of times… but that sounds an awful lot like English homework, and we are supposed to be talking about at-home-vacations. So fill up your schedule with whatever makes you happy (snacks, movies, naps, reading, etc.), pull on your Staycation lounge pants, and let vacation mode begin!

But Who Would Turn Down a Sweet Escape?

While Staycation is certainly shaping up to be the theme of Summer 2020, the entire Sweet Escape collection could really be channeled into variousSunday Funday Lounge Shorts from Hello Mellow supporting themes! Breakfast in Bed is perfect for a relaxing morning, but why stop there? After a nice meal you may be included to lay back and Daydream for a little while! That is, until someone surprises you with a Pillow Fight, in which case you must show no mercy. Afterwards you can make up while enjoying a Strawberry Mimosa, then all in all conclude it was indeed a Sunday Funday (even if it really was Tuesday).

So do not let your staycation creep up on you without stocking your Hello Mello lounge wear wardrobe! Order today!