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Hello Mello Supports National Ice Cream Sandwich Day

  • 2 min read

Hello Mello is encouraging you to treat yo self tomorrow on National Ice Cream Sandwich Day!

Hello Mello and Ice Cream for the WIN

I can think of few things that go better with relaxing than sweet treats, and what is more beloved than the ice cream sandwich? This time a year comfortable Hello Mellow Flyaway Cardigan Greyclothing is a must, and frozen treats are a must. So why not enjoy these two essentials together? Compound relaxation will ensue, surely. And if you, your Hello Mello lounge pants, and an entire freezer stocked with ice cream choose to make a weekend of it? More power to you. Does eating ice cream cool you all the way down? Snag a Carefree Threads Cardigan to ward off the chill. Are the summer months a time when you are just melting no matter what you do? Go for minimal clothing with maximum comfort in Leisure Time Shorts. Your ice cream flavors and Hello Mello PJ combo is up to you!

Can the Sweet Escape Collection Predict Your Ice Cream Flavor?

Is it possible to guess an ice cream preference based off your favorite pattern from the Sweet Escape collection? Probably not, but that is not going to stop me from trying. Hello Mellow Sweet Escape Pajama Shorts Staycation  Black FloralBoth Breakfast in Bed and Strawberry Mimosa give off a (surprise!) strawberry vibe. If Staycation is your choice, do you also savor a classic vanilla? Pillow Fight fans must surely be the rocky road lovers as well, one would think. For those who chose Day Dream it seems logical that ice cream with mix-ins (be it fruit or otherwise) would be the right fit. Sunday Funday wearers strike me as more sorbet-style folks; you do you. No matter how accurate (or far flung) these guesses were, I think we all agree that each pattern looks good enough to eat!

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