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Layer Hello Mello Wraps this Fall

  • 2 min read

Hello Mello knows that temperatures are beginning to dip, so let us remind you to break out your favorite layering accessory: The Hello Mello Travel Wraps!

Travel Wraps: Practically Perfect Every Time

While autumn is a most-beloved season by many, it can be a touch unpredictable. Chilly in the morning can be sweltering by afternoon. A lovely sunset walk can turn into a frigid trek home as soon as the sun disappears. Three days of gloriously perfect weather can be followed (with no warning) by a record-setting high temperature. The point is that you need to be prepared for any-and-all seasons, sometimes even within the same day. Enter the Hello Mello Travel Wraps! These handy, comfy wraps can be deployed or stored at a moment’s notice to help you keep up with the weather. Each wrap comes in its own matching carrying pouch, which means that an unworn wrap will not take up all free real estate in your bag. Then, when you need another layer, simply unroll and style to your choosing! Simple, effective, and cute. What else could you possibly need?

Color Choices? Gotta Collect Them All!

The Hello Mello Travel Wrap comes in 6 beautiful colors, which prompts an immediate crisis: which one do I buy? Hint: since they only cost $19.99 you should stack your wardrobe odds and get as many as you like! That way there will be no outfit you wear that would leave you matching-travel-wrap-less. Standard neutrals, of course, are universally applicable to almost every wardrobe. Between Black, Gray, Oatmeal, and Navy you can effortlessly coordinate with your basics. For a little extra punch, consider adding on Moss and Salmon! Which ever combo you choose is surely going to suit you well. And it is never too early to begin thinking about holiday gifts, either! Order Travel Wraps for your friends and family!

Even if all your 2020 travel consists of rooms in your own home, the Travel Wraps are still going to be your new BFF. Order today!