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Leap Yourself Right into New Hello Mello Lounge Pants

February 29, 2020

New Sweet Escape Collection from Hello Mello Lounge Wear is Here!

Hello Mello lounge wear is always celebrating finding moments for yourself in day to day life, but guess what? 2020 just gave you a whole extra day! Read on to learn more!

Leap Day + Hello Mello PJs= Sweet Escape

2020 is a Leap Year, which gives us a rare “February the 29th” sighting. What are YOU up to New Hello Mellow Pajama Pants in Staycationwith this extra day? Relaxing with a book? Chilling with a streaming marathon? Napping it out? There is only one thing that could make these great activities even better (and not just for Leap Day, but for the whole rest of the year): brand new Hello Mello pajama pants! The Sweet Escape collection has just landed, and it may just be the best set yet! So be sure to squeeze a few minutes out of this glorious extra day to get your order in for your favorites from among 6 new patterns. You know what is not new, however? The fit, feel, and fabric you already know and love from your existing Hello Mello lounge wear favorites. Butter softness? Still there. Super comfy stretch? Present and accounted for. Flexible sizing for every personal preference? For sure. All those great things have not budged, they are just now available in more options!

Sweet Escape Brings the Good Vibes

I will list some phrases, and after reading them I want you to take a moment to tell me what they make you feel: Breakfast in Bed, Staycation, Daydream, Strawberry Mimosa, Pillow Fight, Sunday Funday. What is it that you feel? Warm, New Hello Mellow Pajama Pants in Daydreamfuzzy feelings of joy and happiness? Ding ding ding! You know what is even better than those phrases alone? They are ALSO the names of the new Sweet Escape patterns from Hello Mello Lounge Wear! Picking a single favorite would be impossible, but feel free to click the name above that feels best to you and reveal your Hello Mello Sweet Escape soulmate! (Like one of those personality quizzes, but much more to the point.)

Listen: Leap Day does not last forever, so do not let time run out without ordering your new Hello Mello Sweet Escape Lounge Pants!

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