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Make Up Your Own Holiday Day with Hello Mello

  • 2 min read

Hello Mello lounge wear is all about finding reasons to cultivate new joys in your life, so Make Up Your Own Holiday Day is right up our alley!

Make Up Your Own Holiday

Hello Mello lounge wear might be a touch late to the party, but we just realized that Make Up Your Own Holiday Day was March 26th! Now, it seems to us that if you are Hello Mellow Bookish Sleep Shirt in Greenmaking up your own holiday anyway that you should be able to assign it to a day that works for you, right?!? So lets carpe some diem and Hello Mello will help get your made-up-holiday vibes going with these quality suggestions. Our first thought (naturally) is a day dedicated to relaxing in your favorite Hello Mello lounge wear items. Whether you are curling up with a good book in the Green Sleep Shirt or flower arranging in Staycation lounge pants, pursue what brings you peace. The second suggestion is to have an [Insert Your Name Here] Appreciation Day! You could share this day with close friends or observe it solo, but you should certainly show yourself some love. Last but not least: consider having a Get Out of Jail Free Day. Did you bungle a conversation with a coworker? Accidentally cut someone off in traffic? Forget someone’s birthday? This holiday is for cutting yourself some slack for being human. Those little slip ups that are weighing you down? Today is the day to let them go, in honor of time served and good behavior.

Any Holiday + Hello Mello Lounge Wear= Maximum Delight

No matter what holiday you are celebrating (official, wacky, made up, or otherwise) make sure you have your Hello Mello favorites available Hello Mellow Staycation Floral Lounge Pantsfor the occasion. Who does not love feeling cute and comfortable? Hello Mello helps you have the best of both worlds, whether the only other being that will see you is your cat or if you are heading out to meet friends. Come to think of it, we should make up holidays more often! Maybe your Make Up Your Own Holiday is to add more holiday-making-up days to the calendar, thereby gaming the system? We could get behind that!

Celebrate your best life every day, and Hello Mello lounge wear would be honored to be a part of those parties. Order today!