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New Cotton Candy Puff Slippers from Hello Mello

  • 2 min read

Did you see that the new Hello Mello Puff Slippers are here?!? After many delays and much woe, these delightful slippers are here to brighten your days!

New Slippers, Not to be Missed!

Hello Mellow Cotton Candy Fluffy Slippers

Hello Mello is all about comfort and relaxation, so why should that stop at the hem of your pants?  Introducing: Hello Mello Cotton Candy Puff Slippers, a treat for your feet! These slippers feature a plush,  comfy sole paired with a luxuriously fluffy upper for maximum visual and relaxation impact. These new slippers come in three great color choices: Berry, Cloud, and Grape. The question is not “which color?” the question is “how can I make room for all 3?” Giving these slippers as a gift? Great choice! These come in three sizes, so there is no need to know your bestie’s exact shoe size- a guess is good enough! While you are picking out your relaxation wardrobe for the new year, be sure to add a pair of these to the list!

New Hello Mello Coming Spring 2022

Hello Mellow Puffy Cloud Slippers Gray

We know you all have already been asking, so here is what we can say so far: the upcoming Hello Mello release are fantastic and not to be missed! These are currently slated to be available this Spring (c’mon, global shipping crisis, go away!) and there is truly something for everyone. Refreshes of classic favorites? Absolutely! Brand new items you are sure to adore? But of course! So keep your eyes peeled or, for a less stressful option, simply sign up for our email newsletter! We send, on average, 1-2 emails a month and will never sell your information. The Spring 22 releases are going to be fabulous, so do not miss them!

Cotton Candy Puff Slippers today, new Spring releases coming soon- what happy news! Order your new slippers today!