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New Hello Mello Travel Wraps are Here!

March 14, 2020

New Hello Mello Travel Wraps are selling fast!

Hello Mello lounge wear - always on the look for new ways to add comfort to you every day routine – has just introduced the Travel Wraps collection. Read on to learn more!

Hello Mello Travel Wraps are Perfect for Every Occasion

Wish you could take the comfort of your Hello Mello lounge wear with you wherever Hello Mellow New Travel Wrap in Greenyou go? Well then consider Hello Mello your personal genie, granting softness-related wishes! The new, highly versatile Travel Wrap is suited to just about everything, so you should never leave the house without one. Whether you need an extra layer at the movie theater, a buffer against an unexpected chill, or a stylish finishing piece for your outfit Hello Mello Travel Wraps are up to the occasion. These wraps are perfectly sized so you can wear them as a wrap, throw, or scarf! Each travel wrap folds neatly inside their individual matching pouches, so you can tuck one into your bag, coat pocket, or glove compartment and be on your way.

How to Choose Between the 6 Travel Wraps Colors

With this amazing new Hello Mello Travel Wrap offered in six stylish colors, how on Earth is anyone supposed to pick a favorite? The short answer: you Hello Mellow New Travel Wrap in Blackdo not have to! With each wrap priced at just $19.99 you can pick the assortment of colors that will best compliment your wardrobe without wringing your wallet dry. You can look striking in Salmon, beautiful in Black, outstanding in Oatmeal, gorgeous in Gray, noble in Navy, and magnificent in Moss. Ready for the best part? If you buy four Travel Wraps (or any combination of great Hello Mello items that gets you over $65 dollars) you will receive free shipping! Hooray!

These popular new Travel Wraps are moving quickly, so hurry and order yours today!

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