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Send Hello Mello Lounge Wear to Your Cousins

  • 2 min read

Hello Mello lounge wear would like to helpfully remind you that National Cousins Day is July 24th, which is rapidly approaching. No need to panic, though! Hello Mello has you covered. Read on to learn more!

Be Comfy Cousins Together

While we realize in-person celebrations may not be feasible for a variety of reasons, Hello Mellow Day Dream Lounge Shorts Indigo Shiboriwe still think your cousins would like to know you care. So what is a good cousin to do? Ship them their very own Hello Mello lounge wear items, then set a date for a some virtual, quality cousin time where you both can be comfy and cute. While lounging in your respective Hello Mello pajamas, perhaps you will both indulge in a face mask and your favorite snacks? Gossip over your mutual celebrity crush? Dish on the family drama? Whatever you chose to do in celebration of your cousin-ship, Hello Mello supports you.

Hello Mello Packs the Variety

With a wide range of comfortable clothing pieces, you and your cousins are sure to each find the perfect lounge wear combo.  Is matching on your agenda?  Hello Mellow Weekender Shorts and Tees PajamasThere are so many great styles of Sweet Escape shorts there is surely one you can agree on, like fan-favorite Day Dream! Are you and your cousin polar opposites? One of you can pile on the mix-and-match layers from the Carefree Threads collection, and the other should opt for cool and light Weekender Shorts and Tees. Is this going to be a group cousin chat? Perhaps each of you should get a different Hello Mello Sleep Shirt! With Hello Mello lounge wear that options are as limitless as the ways you will use them.

No pressure, but since National Cousins Day is next Saturday you should probably get that order in ASAP. Order today!