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Start Your Holiday Shopping Soon. Seriously.

  • 2 min read

Hello Mello lounge wear makes great gifts, and each year we carefully pack and ship hundreds of gift orders. 2021, as everyone knows, is unlike any other year- so it is with true earnestness that we advise you to start your holiday shopping as soon as possible.

Order Gifts Early, Holiday Shopping Difficulties Ahead

Hello Mellow Holiday Christmas Lounge Pants

This holiday season is facing a myriad of difficulties, COVID and the global shipping crisis among them. Consumers should expect longer shipping windows from all carriers with additional potential delays, which means it is none too early to think about mailing gifts. Scarcity is also going to be a big factor this season, so if you had your mind set on a particularly great gift – like Hello Mello pajamas! - making that purchases ASAP will ensure you do not miss what you want to give. Hello Mello is a slam-dunk gift, the perfect combination of softness, stretch, and style. So why race all over town to battle crowds and mall Santas? Order Hello Mello lounge wear for your recipients from the comfort of your home, then bask in the peace of a completed gift list.

Ship Gifts Directly to Recipients

Hello Mellow Dyes the Limit Tie Die Collection

Our extended holiday returns window begins on November 15th, so purchases made between then and December 25th are eligible for return until January 15th, 2022 or 30 days past the purchase date, whichever is later. Want to skip the hassle of repacking and mailing the gifts to your far-flung recipients? Ship straight to them from our store! Order shipped directly to the giftee allow us to work with them in case an exchange is needed to get something just right. Want to be sure your gift recipient understands that this is a gift, not to be opened early? Simply write something along the lines of “GIFT: DO NOT OPEN BEFORE X/X/XX” in the business name line of their shipping address. Our warehouse staff will highlight that on the shipping label to help make it extra-visible. Then your gift giving is done, packages will be shipped USPS tracked, delivered without anxiety, and everyone will be much happier all the way around.

No matter what gits you are giving this year – Hello Mello or otherwise – we hope this advice helps you plan in advance for this crazy 2021 holiday season.