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Take Back Comfort in 2021 with Hello Mello

  • 2 min read

Hello Mello lounge wear has been laser-focused on stretch, softness, and comfort since its inception. Now that circumstances have caused almost everyone to take a long, hard look at their life, ask yourself: how great would life be if I was comfortable all the time?

Hello Mello Encourages You to Embrace Positive Changes

If 2020 taught us anything, it is that everything is now open for debate. Hello Mello lounger wear would like to begin with a conversation on how

Hello Mellow Lounge Pajama Shorts Garden Print

boring, uncomfortable clothes are the ones you are “supposed” to be wearing. What is up with that? Who made that rule, and more importantly WHY is anyone still following it?!? After the worst wake up call in the world (aka 2020) we are all setting about restructuring our lives and realities, and everything is on the table. So if stiff, restrictive fabrics in the same 3 neutral colors are your jam, you do you! But if not? It is time to start deliberately choosing things you like for your wardrobe and beyond. Hello Mello lounge wear is all about comfort, stretch, and softness- three things everyone could use more of right now.


Hello Mello Comfort for Every Lifestyle

Where are you going to start? By getting more cute, comfortable things into your

Hello Mellow Dream Tee Shirt Pajama Top Dark Blue

everyday rotation. Working from home shaping up as a long-term solution for you? Then delight in wearing soft, stretchy clothing in whatever capacity suits you best! Midnight Mirage lounge shorts on below the desk, blazer above it? Head-to-toe Carefree Threads, which is “surprise-video-call” ready? The Wine Down sleep shirt that lets everyone know what your evening plans are? All excellent choices. If leaving the house is returning to your agenda, there are still ways to add Hello Mello lounge wear to your outfit without becoming a one-person-campaign for 24/7 pajamas. Dream Tees have recently returned and are as comfortable to wear around the house as they are cute-casual running errands. A Travel Wrap or Perennial Cardigan are also clever ways to surround yourself with softness in any situation. Even the Sleep Shirts (maybe decoratively knotted?) could make an out of the house appearance without feeling out of place!


Whatever your current situation, there is truly a Hello Mello lounge wear piece for everyone. Order today!