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Think Positively in Hello Mello Lounge Wear

  • 2 min read

In honor of the upcoming Think Positive day on September 13th Hello Mello would like to invite you to ease yourself into a brighter state of mind, starting with your favorite lounge wear!

Think Positive, Feel Positive in Hello Mello Pajamas

Much like a chain of dominos, sometimes we just need a nudge towards happiness to begin tumbling that direction. And what if that nudge is something simple and attainable? We are not saying that wearing comfortable clothes will solve any problem that is beleaguering your happiness, but it certainly cannot hurt! Without pinching buttons and itchy fabrics possibly you would be able to think a bit clearer, without the “radio static” of negative sensory input that is. Comfy clothes paired with something else equally simple can yield compound happiness interest. Snuggly cardigan and your favorite hot drink? Awesome. Comfy pants and a tv binge? Do it! We all deserve to gift ourselves things we can be happy about.

A Visual Reminder Never Hurts

When it feels like the world in spinning around you at a million miles an hour, positivity can feel a bit farther away and harder to reach. Why not chose a Hello Mello option with an inspiring phrase, thereby giving yourself a little nudge each time you see it? The Hello Mello Sleep Shirts are just the thing! Does personal space help you feel your best? The Navy Sleep Shirt with the adorable “Go Away” graphic could be for you. Is there a period of time each morning after you get out of bed but before you are ready to do things? Give everyone a heads up with the Blue “I Don’t Do Mornings” Sleep Shirt. If you are a fan of the holidays, any of the Holiday Sleep Shirts may do the trick! Who cares what the calendar date it? You do you.

No matter how you get to a happier place, let Hello Mello surround you in comfort on the way. Order yours today!