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Start Your New Year with New Hello Mello Lounge Wear

  • 2 min read

Hello Mello knows there are currently three types of people: people who are not ready for the New Year, people who are ready for 2021 to see itself out, and people who are somehow both. What do they all have in common? They are relaxing with Hello Mello pajamas!

New Year, New Hello Mello

Hello Mellow Tie Die Joggers in Blush Pink

Getting things off on the right foot can really help set the tone moving forward. Case in point? Treating your lounge wear wardrobe to an update can help inspire you to stick with your restful, self-care related goals! Having the right outfit for the occasion is always a boost, so make sure you have Hello Mello lounge wear options you love when it is time to wind down. Want to remind everyone that you are sassy and take your relaxation seriously? Check out the Hello Mello Sleep Shirts! Need lounge wear that can pull double duty as clothes for a food run? The Dyes the Limit Hoodies and Joggers are perfect! No matter what your lifestyle and how you prefer to relax, there is a Hello Mello piece that is perfect for you.

New Things Coming!

Cuddle Blends Collection from Hello Mellow Lounge Wear

While you are mapping out your approach to 2022, do not forget that Hello Mello always has some great new releases in the first few months of the year! Revivals and refreshes on favorites like the Hello Mello Classics and Sleep Shirts? Oh, for sure! New products from some of our super popular new collections, like CuddleBlend and Dyes the Limit? Without a doubt! So when you treat yourself to some new pieces do not forget to leave a little space in your closet for some additions a little farther down the line!

As the unstoppable march of time continues, the New Year is upon us. Why not pick something small and manageable to celebrate, like relaxing with Hello Mello lounge wear? Order today!