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Find Your Perfect Fit

Lounge Wear Tops 

Small/Medium - Sizes 4 through 8
Medium/Large - Sizes 8 through 12
Large/Extra Large - Sizes 12 through 16

Lounge Wear Bottoms

Small - Sizes 4 through 8 - inseam 27 inches
Medium - Sizes 8 through 12 - inseam 28 inches
Large - Sizes 12-16 - inseam 29 inches
Plus Size - 18 - 24 - only available in Total Bliss patterns

Carefree Threads

Small - Sizes 4 through 6 - inseam 30 inches
Medium - Sizes 8 through 10 - inseam 30.5 inches
Large - Sizes 12 through 14 - inseam 31 inches
Extra Large - Size 16 - inseam 31.5 inches


Stretchy Hello Mello Lounge Wear

The fabric for Hello Mello lounge wear is really stretchy, which is why one size can fit such a range of body sizes. The waistband is made with comfortably wide elastic and there is a drawstring to help customize the fit to each woman. 

This lounge wear - or pajamas to some - each come with their own matching tote bags. The 100% polyester material is light, cool, and will not wrinkle. You can toss the tote in your bag, suitcase, or carry-on and take comfort along wherever you go!

In general, if you like your comfortable lounge wear baggy, order the bigger size near your range. If you like a smoother more skin hugging fit, order the smaller size.

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