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Warm and stylish

Long length, pants optional

Stylish and bright

Soft, billowy fit

Two ways to wear

Still lovin' holidays

Find your perfect comfy lounge wear.

Soft and comfy

Snuggly warm

Stylish addition

Perfect choice!

Extras to perfect your comfy style


Find Your Perfect Fit

Lounge Wear Tops 

Small/Medium - Sizes 4 through 8
Medium/Large - Sizes 8 through 12
Large/Extra Large - Sizes 12 through 16

Lounge Wear Bottoms

Small - Sizes 4 through 8 - inseam 27 inches
Medium - Sizes 8 through 12 - inseam 28 inches
Large - Sizes 12-16 - inseam 29 inches

Carefree Threads

Small - Sizes 4 through 6 - inseam 30 inches
Medium - Sizes 8 through 10 - inseam 30.5 inches
Large - Sizes 12 through 14 - inseam 31 inches
Extra Large - Size 16 - inseam 31.5 inches


Stretchy Hello Mello Lounge Wear

The fabric for Hello Mello lounge wear is really stretchy, which is why one size can fit such a range of body sizes. The waistband is made with comfortably wide elastic and there is a drawstring to help customize the fit to each woman. 

In general, if you like your comfortable lounge wear billowy or baggy, order the bigger size near your range. If you like a smoother more skin hugging fit, order the smaller size.

This lounge wear - or pajamas to some - each come with their own matching tote bags. The 100% polyester material is light, cool, and will not wrinkle. You can toss the tote in your bag, suitcase, or carry-on and take comfort along wherever you go!